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What is is the new home for the Ring of Translation Research. As the ring now has its own domain (.com) the services and features available will be greater than previously possible.

Who founded the ring?

The Ring of Translation Research was originally founded in 1998 by a postgraduate research student at the University of Limerick, Ireland. It is currently not affiliated with any educational establishment.


The World Wide Web is the largest repository of data ever created by man. Unfortunately, only a small proportion of it's content is worth accessing. The biggest problem facing any user is the sourcing of quality content in any form. The ring's purpose has always been to act as a focus point and hub for the exchange of high quality information.

How is the ring funded?

It isn't directly funded. However, if you buy books or follow any of our other sponsorship links you will help to maintain it.

Will you accept advertising?

Yes. We can offer you targetted advertising at a very competitive price. Contact us for details.

Who maintains these pages?

All pages on the server are maintained by Michele Neylon. We cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of any pages or sites that are external to it. (ie. not on this server).

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