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April 2005:

Updated the software page. More to come...

October 2004:

The links directory continues to grow. The webring is unfortunately down and has been for a few months. The move of the site from one version of Perl to another led to complete corruption of all the data and despite our best efforts very little was recovered. I'll see if I can get it up and running again one of the weekends. Currently I am focussing any energies on developing areas such as the links directory, but am very aware that other areas of the site are very much in need of an overhaul.

September 2003:

We intend to completely redo the entire site over the coming weeks/months - time permitting

November 2001:

We are now able to offer a selection of translation software tools from Systran.
The links directory is constantly growing, so we would remind you to keep your listing as up-to-date as possible.
Crisol have suspended their affiliate program, so we will only be able to offer Spanish books through Amazon.

August 2001:

The webring's membership continues to grow, albeit rather slowly.

The first phase of the Spanish bookshop is now online. It is planned to expand the range of books and links etc., over the coming weeks.


This site will feature a new range of services to better serve the translation community as a whole. We will be implementing some more exciting features over the coming weeks, so please drop back at any time.

Would you like to see this site in your own language? If you would like to help translate this site into your own language please let us know:

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